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The brilliant imagination and entrepreneurial spirit of Momofuku Ando that transformed the relationship between human beings and the food they eat embodies the kind of creative thinking we need as we go forward.

The new CUPNOODLES MUSEUM was conceived and built around the concept of creative thinking.

The museum is visited not only by thousands of Japanese children, but children from all over Asia. The entire museum is designed as a place for exposing children to the spirit of creative thinking that Momofuku possessed his entire life, and as a place for stimulating the seed of creativity within them.

Inspired by Cup Noodles package designs, the museum logo is three “!” marks arranged side-by-side.

Individually symbolising the joy of invention and discovery, the importance of food, and the pleasure of having dreams and thinking creatively, the three “!” marks together express what we hope you will experience when visiting the CUPNOODLES MUSEUM.